SQL, NAV server, RTC, Web client

I decided today to download Dynamics NAV 2016  and pass DEMO installation from A-Z.
Given that I’m relatively new to Dynamics NAV I will try to use all the steps that I learned from Microsoft lectures, e-learning, IT Academy and MVA in past 6 months (of course that I have good experience as an IT PRO and DBA).
For beginning to save time through Hyper-V on my machine win 8.1 I cloned previously installed version of Windows Server 2012 Standard Evaluation with predefined rolls and server AD DS, DC, IIS (necessary for the NAV server).

Server manager

I also created a domain user account for running Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, for this account you must:
-Enable the account to log in as a service,
-Enable the account to register an SPN on itself (not necessary in test environment),
-Give the account necessary database privileges in SQL Server.  For more details “how to” you can find on this page.

From mapped ISO on my  Hyper-V VM (this thing with SCSI DVD mapped to my .iso file save my life hundred times) start the installation.

ISO maped DVD

Starting setup and choosing to Install Demo (this time).

Start install

When the installation is complete, choose Close.

Installing demo2

After installation you need to set up Logon account (domain account previously created) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. Choose Start, choose All Programs, and then choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server 2016. On right side (Action) chose Login Account.


In my setup, domain account name is navserver, under option Domain you’ll put your domain name.


After that NAV server service need to be restarted.


From NAV Server console on right side under Action tab DynamicsNAV90 instance click on Restart and click OK.


To start RTC choose Start, choose All Programs, and then choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 to open the RoleTailored client.


…and it’s working..

In my next post I will write how to install Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web server components and how to adjust the mobile client to use web client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
Picture below:



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