Upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

Yesterday I was prepared my notebook for upgrade from OS Win8.1 to Win10 version, downloaded GWXWebWindows.exe and MediaCreationToolx64.exe which can be found here as well as short upgrade instructions on how to do the upgrade.
This morning I completed the upgrade process and it took about an hour (depending on the internet link which you use).
Of course like every time I was excited what will bring me a new version of the Windows OS weather it is a client or server architecture, especially when I do not work in the test environment :-). Pending the process of upgrading a few times I wondered did I finish a full backup, and did I turn on the system protection, whether I backed up bookmarks and so on.
Of course everything has gone as expected and quite easily, it is not necessary to be some IT Guru, Technician or IT Pro to do the upgrade on Win10, there are steps which should be read in Microsoft’s official website (no more than 5-10 min) and everything goes so smoothly.
When I saw the start page immediately forgot about all backups, system protection, bookmarks and etc.
Absolutely did not receive any message that some of the installed applications are not compatible or will not be able to work with the new version.
I have tested my top 15 applications that I use daily and noticed that some of them even work faster. The first thing I tried is cortana and fast search on the taskbar, that was thrilled me, it’s one thing to read about it and the other is when you try out this functionality.
Every new technologies from Microsoft I am a little bit afraid, with each new technology it does not matter whether you work in IT or not a lot of things has improved. This is  time of serious virtualization and I think in a few years, those who will not follow the development of technology (at least basic knowledge) will be in serious trouble 🙂

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