Introduction to Dynamics NAV 2015 at MVA

For those who are interested in Microsoft’s ERP system Dynamics NAV, or those who have just begun to use this ERP Microsoft has a great course Introduction to Dynamics NAV, which can be found here on the official website of Microsoft Virtual Academy.

A good introduction to the basics of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a good start for further education.
Course duration is approximately 120 minutes, instructor is Steven Renders (MCT), course content :
01.Dynamics NAV as an ERP System
Get a basic introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and explore what a typical enterprise resource planning (ERP) system offers.
02.User Interface
See a demo of the user interface within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
03.User Personalization
Find out how to personalize Microsoft Dynamics NAV for an individual user.
04.Basic Functionalities
Explore some of the basic functionalities and tasks that can be performed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
05.Master Data for the Sales and Purchase Process
Learn about master data for the sales and purchase process, including customers, vendors, and items.
06.Process Sales and Purchases
Get a look at the sales and purchase process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
07.Technology Overview
See an overview of some of the basic technologies that are used in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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