Prep NAS Storage (Fujitsu) for backup from Windows Server 2012

I’ll explain in a few phrases how to prepare Fujitsu NAS for the placement of storage backup (any) from Windows Server 2012 (and Windows Server 2008).

You need to verify and update the Samba (SMB/SMB2) Configuration

1. Login to the Linux-based NAS using a Telnet client like Putty

2. Locate the smb.conf file (typically, /etc/config/ or /etc/samba/)

3. Open the smb.conf file and review the contents

4.The strict allocate = yes boolean would be absent or set to no in the default smb.conf file

5. Edit the smb.conf file

6. Add the following configuration to the top of the file: strict allocate = yes

7.Save the smb.conf file and exit

To apply the new Samba configuration the smbd service or the Linux-based NAS must be restarted.

To restart the service without rebooting the system, login to the NAS and execute the following command:/etc/init.d/services restart


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